Monday, September 18, 2006


well, doesn't this sound like one hell - uv - a mission accomplished....

seriously, it took a lot of guts, lot of understanding, lot of mental preparation.... some physical preparation, some travelling, some disobedience to the normal 'Indian girl' outlook.... and ofcourse, a lil bit of expenses....

have been thinkin of gettin it done since a loooooooong time.. now tat i have it.... why not talk about it...

i had a heard a lot about it... some negetive things.. and very few positive opinions about it... tat it was bad... it is painful.... tat, you will be referred as a 'bad' girl of the lot... and wat not..

but wat the hell.... its jus a Piercing !!!

Yup... me got my navel pierced.... and it is cute as hell...

all the misconceptions about it hurting a lot and gettin septic are so so so false.... it jus hurts initially, when the navel is pierced.. then its all so fine... no blood, no swelling, no pain, no itch... ! nothin at all...

and thinkin over it.. i guess, the pain is worth it all...

and i'm waitin for the day, wen i get to flaunt it... everyone's gonna be so so jealous...

and i'm obssessed with tat new ring...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

..: CUTE :..

What Type Of Girl Are You???

Your so cute anyone would think your cute. Even the grown ups:) Probaly any boy would run up to you with flowers and cute stuffed animals like you;) Just look at you. Your adorable:)

Monday, August 14, 2006

..: Random Thots :..

"The only difference
between YOU
and HIM
is ME"
one thot which came to my mind sometime back..
thot of putting it up on my BLOG..
says so much.. and means so much.. !!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Weight Reduction.. and its side effects !!

in the last few months, i have lost around 6 kgs of weight.. not tat i was fat and was dieting.. jus tat too much of work and running around and no proper food led to the weight reduction...

i am quite happy wit the way i look now.. MALNUTRITIONED !! :-P

its jus the fat tat i've lost and not the minerals.. but i still look like one sick child.. rather almost dead girl.. nah!! not really.. i look cute :-) and in a better shape..

but then.. excessive weight reduction has its own side effects..

like u end up havin a smaller waist.. and all your pants/jeans kinda fall off.. or u have to belt the pants/jeans.. or else, go PANT/JEANS HUNTING... and this wat i decided to do.. go PANT/JEANS SHOPPING on a beautiful saturday afternoon...

Mahine ka salary bhi aagaya thha, so could afford buying a PEPE or a FLYING MACHINE.. luckily all these brands had their end-of-season sale, so the jeans wouldnt have costed me all that more..

spoiling the plans of the weekend was the RAIN.. but i still managed to move out of the house and do some shopping in the rains..

now, since the sale was on, bloody everyone was shopping for JEANS.. freakin, the shops also have T-SHIRTS.. almost pleadin in my weight reduced mind, please leave the low-rise - 28 waist - style 544 PEPE for me.. PLEASE! please! ..

i browsed thru 10 shops, and cudn't find a jeans for myself.. u see, the weight reduction gave me a 26" waist and the freekin shops didnt have 26 or a 28 in stock.. HUH!

i want to eat butter and have a 30" again!!

nah.. i aint gainin weight anymore.. or feedin on butter and cheese jus cus i didn't get a 28" JEANS..

me will go shoppin again tomoro.. this time its PHOENIX MILLS.. my colleague has told me tat i'l def. get one there.. well.. i jus hope it doesnt rain again tomoro and tat the shops havn't run out of a 28" JEANS..

for that matter, the shops didn;t have an 'S' t-shirt also.. can ya believe that.. a PROVOGUE not havin an 'S' shirt..

may be I was a bit too unlucky tat day.. or may be the shop walas were unlucky..

for the moment.. its the belt which supports my jeans..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

..: Main Course :..

long time.. but yes.. i'm back...

lots to say.. lots of things that i have gone thru in the past 45 days..

to start wit it.. was one hell of a start at AC Nielsen, Mumbai.. enjoyed my first week at the company guest house, overlookin the worli sea.. on the 13 floor.. :-D.. presently, on the second floor in dadar.. and yes, njoied my first salary as well :-)

wonderin wat i do at AC N .. talk.. listen to music.. eat chocolates.. celebrate buddays.. and talk some more.. gossip!! argue (papa always wanted me to do Law.. cus i'm an expert in Arguing :-P).. and sometimes make presentations.. analise data.. learn about market research.. go thru trainings related to work.. prepare reports.. attend team meets and doze off..

Did a project from NZ.. which eventually got cancelled.. :-P.. gonna start working on a Motorola project.. a research report for 5 countries and round about 30 handsets (30 per country.. which means almost 150 reports) which would go on till Jan.. quite excited, cus it is a huge project.. training sessions for July are gonna start too.. so its gonna be a month of some more new things.. new learnings.. and of course meetin new people..

for the news, ACN is recruiting people.. and we are lookin for 30 odd people at the moment.. fresh graduates/ experienced, smart, willing to shift to the Dream City!! if you interested, or know someone who's lookin for an amazin opportunity with an MNC.. you know whom to contact.. also check the website -

rains.. riots.. blasts.. were like dots on a kilometre long paper.. Mumbai's back into action.. so am I..

weekends are usually spent with cousins and their friends.. either in Bandra or Andheri.. Gawd awesome places.. u jus have to visit these places.. BandStand is 'THE'place.. i simply love it..

this kinda summarises my 45 GOD AWESOME days in Mumbai..

will be back soon... for the moment, got some work !!


Monday, May 29, 2006

Mumbai Callin !!

this is my last post from Ahmedabad..

this is my last post from my office in Ahmedabad..

cus... m movin to MuMBai

hmmm.. sad cus i'l miss somethings in Ahmedabad.. happy cus i'm startin a new chapter in my LYF .. an excitin step forward.. growth and satisfaction to the max...

wil miss IIMA .. the canteen and the kitli .. my hangout post college and exams..

wil miss my frens here.. good luc to u guys with ur endeavors..

wil miss my cute lil garden .. the birds, the flowers, the plants..

wil mis my family..

NID .. Neha, goodluck with TWC - u rock.. and burn the EDI campus wit ur talent..

the crazee amount of discussions wit my colleagues at the NIM canteen.. Sandeep, Govind, Mads and Mite.. u guys rock too.. keep in touch..

AIESEC.. the office.. the GBMs.. the local conferences.. the crazee ppl.. Venky - hav a rockin yr ahead.. and show wat we are to the national plenary.. @Ah .. show your guts and keep in touch!

the college gang.. though the college sucked.. u guys rocked.. Vinit rock the crowd - good luck wit ur band! lemme knw wen u comin to MuMBai to rock the MuMBaiKars.. I'l be first one to visit u.. Rutu.. Priyanka.. keep in touch.. AND JOIN ORKUT !!

and lov to all the other Amdavadis, whom i've met durin my stay in Amdavad.. good luc to all of you!! wenevah u in mumbai, feel free to buzz me.. wud be a pleasure to meet u guys..

do hop in again onto Ma Lyf for some great news from MuMBai


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Frustrated SaMBa

Gabber: Kitne Aadmi they.
Sambha: Sardar Do
Gabber: Mujhe ginti nahi aati. Do kitne hotey hain?
Sambha: Sardar Do Ek ke baad aata hai.
Gabber: Aur Do ke pehle?
Sambha: Do ke pehle Ek aata hai.
Gabber: To beech mein kaun aata hai?
Sambha: Beech mein koi nahi aata.
Gabber: To fir Dono ek saath kyon nahi atey?
Sambha: Do Ek ke baad hi aa sakta hai, kyonki Do ek se bada hai.
Gabber: Do ek se bada hai? Kitna bada hai?
Sambha Do ek se Ek bada hai?
Gabber: Agar Do ek se ek bada hai to ek ek se kitna bada hai?

Sambha: Sardar, Maine tumhara namak khaya hai, mujhe goli mar do.

"Awesome" is the only word i wud use to describe this post

Friday, May 19, 2006

..: FEELINGS :..

you are very special to me and to the world..
dun ask me why cuz i wouldnt be able to answer that et all...

remember the days when we used to fight over trivial issues
u used to cry and i had to gather all the tissues!!

do you realize how hard its gona be for me
to think that you have gone once and for all

wish i could re-live the past few moments spent with you
coz my entire life revolved round you.

who's gonna fill the gap left by your absence
without you i am no longer a man of substance!!

life seems to bite me with each passing second
perhaps i deserve this cuz i missed the early beckon!!

... written by Aditya Bhattacharya, UNSW

... me dedictes this one to ma LUV

... LUV ya as alwayz

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Three ..

well.. wats so special about this number.. read to find out more..

3 is my lucky number..

my BUDDAY adds up to 3 [1+3+3+1+9+8+5 = 30 = 3]
My name adds upto 6.. which is a multiple of 3...

and i discovered last nite.. that girls who possess this NUMBER are Cute and Sexy!!

well.. i can't say whether this holds true for me.. comments awaited !!!!

trying to find out more about this number.. keep hooked on to ma LYF !!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006